So you’ve heard of pinterest? Turns out it’s easy to get in a pinning habit, but not do anything about it. I was overwhelmed by pinterest when I started — mainly wondering how the whole thing worked in the first place — but quickly figured it out and decided to only pin ideas I’d actually attempt to accomplish, whether it be a recipe or craft.

I had viewed many items on pinterest, without pinning too many of them, but one stayed in my head and I thought of it often. It was a way to display and store earrings. So one day I was at the grocery store and saw something that made me think, “hey, this could work for a project like that one”.  I purchased the item, came home and made it. One day, start to finish.

The earring holder I originally saw on pinterest was so pretty it looked like art as well as being useful. But it involved a trip to the hardware store (I do try to avoid that place), a $10 item, wire cutters, a few other tools, molding or a frame, etc. Too much. That’s why I didn’t pin it. But once the idea was stuck in my head, I starting looking at items in stores wondering if any of them would work. This one day in the grocery store got me thinking, yet again, that I could change things a bit and still create a useful and pretty earring holder.

My grocery store had a large selection of grilling items. My eye caught a disposable grill pan. At first I thought I would pick one up to actually use on the grill (what a concept!) but quickly realized it would also be perfect for this earring holder project that has been growing in my head. Best part: $1.99! And no wire cutters needed.

Once I got home I needed to make it pretty. I wasn’t going to use a frame around it, mainly due to the cost… I wanted to keep this as cheap as possible, in case it didn’t work out. I remembered that at the dollar bin at a big box store I had picked up some cute ribbon a few weeks prior, and weaved some of that around the edges. Used about 50 cents worth of ribbon. Perfect!

From my tool bin I got out two picture hanging hooks and used those to hang it on the wall. By the time my teenage daughter came home from school, the new earring holder was on her wall, waiting for her to display her many earrings.

This project was less than $3 and it’s cute and functional.