This project was so much fun!

As I mentioned in my “about me” page, I enjoy the clearance sections at my local craft stores. I’ll purchase items that are cheaply priced, store them away for a while, then get them out when I’m feeling creative. Sometimes I intend to use these items in a certain project, but then another idea hits me and I use them for something completely different. This is kind of what happened with this vase.

I saw the little metal rings in the clearance section being sold for under $1 (they were some sort of jewelry findings) and thought they’d look great if connected to a thin wire and wrapped around a votive holder. I attempted to do just this (see photo below) but found it impossible to attach the wire to the votive holder without it falling down. I needed some sort of support as well as a different shaped container. Back to the craft store with my 40% off coupon, where I purchased a small glass vase for under $1, and some thicker wire (18 gauge, I think).

Ten sore fingers and an hour later and I had a very cool, very unique metal and glass vase!


Here’s the first attempt at wrapping the wire around the votive holder … failure.


And here’s the final project where I used two kinds of wire (different gauges) and a different shaped glass vase … success!