Here’s another pinterest find that I made.

You purchase wooden cubes at a craft store and put a design/picture on each side. When you’re in need of something to do with a young (or semi-young child), such as at a doctor’s waiting room, restaurant, etc., these are easy to pull out of a purse or child’s backpack. Each person takes a turn rolling and makes up a story out of the pictures that come up. You can make it as simple (roll only 2 dice) or complicated (roll all 6) as you’d like, depending on the time you have and the age of the child.

The idea is so simple, and the cost very low (with the 40% coupon from my local craft store, these wood cubes were less than $1), and easy to keep in my purse … very successful indeed! So glad I did this one. Here is the link to the original post about these:   wooden story cubes

Notes on this project:

  • 3/4-inch dice are very small. Like OH MY GOSH I HAD NO IDEA HOW SOME OF THESE DESIGNS ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO DRAW ON SUCH A SMALL SPACE kind of small. If I were to do it again (and I will … for gifts), next time I’ll make them out of 1-inch wooden blocks. That extra 1/4-inch will make the drawing a whole lot less stressful.
  • Very fine line permanent markers work well, as long as you’re okay with them bleeding a bit.
  • 6 dice with 6 sides each means you have to come up with 36 designs. At first I thought that wouldn’t be a problem. Oh, it was a problem. Took me a couple hours to think up enough things, mostly because the item had to be simple enough to fit on the small dice, and clear enough so that the child knows what it is. (After completing all 36 pictures, we ended up with about 4 that turned out to be mystery pictures … when these are rolled, the child gets to use his/her imagination about what the picture really is!)
  • On the site this idea came from, they recommend putting some sort of coating on the dice after the drawings are done, to protect it. I will do this at some point, but they work fine without the coating.
  • Another suggestion was to lightly sand the edges to give them a softer, rounded feel. Again, I might do this, but it’s not necessary.
  • I will be making a simple draw-string bag to hold these story cubes. A plastic zipper baggie works too.
  • If you don’t have drawing skills, you can cut out small pictures from magazines and use clear glue to put them on the cubes. If you do it this way, put a clear coating of the glue on top to protect the picture.