I’ve done this project a few times … it’s my current favorite way to be crafty!  I call this one “advice”. If I had to give life advice, and only had a 5×7-inch canvas, what would I say? Well, this is it.

The first time I did this project I made the canvas as an anniversary gift to my husband. It has our names, our wedding date, and other personal info on it. It is displayed in our family room and I love it!

Here is where the inspiration came from:

wall art

I love the idea of art that is simple, and inexpensive, and unique … and a conversation starter.


Now, here’s my problem with crafts that I find online: I read about them, think about them, and then usually I don’t remember to go back and refer to them before doing the project. This can be good, and bad. Good in that it allows me to be creative, and to do the project in my own way, and with items I have on hand. And bad, because when I don’t follow the directions and instead do it my way, my way isn’t always easier.

So instead of doing this with wooden letters, I used large alphabet stickers. I like how this allows me to put almost anything I can imagine onto the canvas … quotes, names, advice, humor, etc. … but the problem is that some of the stickers I purchased aren’t very sticky, so they came off easily. I rectified that situation by putting a layer of Mod Podge over the stickers once they were placed where I wanted them. I did this carefully with a foam applicator and then let it dry completely before painting.

The first time I made one of these I did not remember that the instructions said to use spray paint. I tried using craft paint with a small brush and with a foam applicator, and, well, that didn’t work. It was a disaster. Spray paint saved the project and is what I’ve used since then. In the end, on each of the canvases I made, I used two coats of spray paint. It covered the pencil marks and gave the finished project a nice even look.


What I’ve learned from doing this project a few times:

  • Measure fourteen times, put stickers on once (or maybe twice).
  • Don’t worry about the pencil lines, unless you’re using white paint. But if using white paint, no worries if you make sure to do at least two coats of paint.
  • Wait for each coat of paint to dry before doing the second application.
  • Do not spray paint when it is windy outside.
  • Do not spray paint in the kitchen with the windows closed.
  • Do not waste hours of time doing online searches for favorite quotes. There are a gazillion quotes out there … a gazillion great quotes … and there just isn’t enough time to read them all.
  • Don’t pick a quote that is too long, or that won’t fit onto the canvas you want to put it on.
  • Using canvases that have been painted on before is a great way to reuse, reduce, recycle! Possibly a good idea to use a spray adhesive for the stickers, and might also be advisable to paint the canvas with a solid color prior to starting the project.
  • I really hope my family likes word art because I can think of about a million canvases I’d like to make using this technique.

Ideas for this project as a gift:

  • New baby: put baby name and date of birth and all those other important details on the canvas, or just the name
  • baby shower gift: (*this one is on my to-do list for the next project*) using large stickers or small wooden letters, put the ABCs on a large canvas and paint it yellow or light green — great gift for the nursery of a boy or girl … or twins!
  • Housewarming: put the street address, or the family name and the address, possibly with the year they moved in
  • Wedding: the names of the bride and groom and the date and city they were married in
  • Birthday: a favorite quote or inspirational quote
  • College or high school graduation: an inspirational quote or bits of wisdom

step 1 supplies

step 2 make lines

step 3 lines up the left side

step 4 keep going

step 5 all stickers on

step 6 ready for paint

step 7 finished