Here is the other canvas art I did with stickers and a quote that I found online (author unknown).

This one was a bit challenging, in that I didn’t measure well at first and tried to put the quote on four lines rather than five. Once I realized the line of “you’re wasting” would not fit on one line, I had to move all the other stickers to accommodate a fifth line. So it turns out that having stickers that weren’t very sticky was a good thing — they came off easily, allowing me to reposition them.

The spray paint I used for this one was a brand I’ve not used before … and won’t use again. Even after many coats of paint (waiting for the paint to dry between coats, of course), the results were not pretty.

I gave this as birthday gift to a friend who loves to dance. I gave it to her at her birthday party but I plan on “borrowing” it from her soon so that I can fix the bad paint job!

dancing step 1 stickers on


dancing step 2 mod podge


step 3 final