We have a large selection of Christmas lights that don’t work. My favorite ones were a string of once colorful old-fashioned looking globe lights. With so many useless cute bulbs I started wondering what I could make out of them. A necklace? No. Earrings. Maybe … no. My daughter suggested making ornaments out of them. So I got out my supply of craft wire and started making simple ornaments from some of the bulbs. It was a fun project and easy to do.


I used craft wire — either 16 or 18 gauge — about 8 inches, and twirled each end.

1 wire and bulb

Then I placed the smaller twirl on the bulb, and wrapped the wire around the screw section, curling the remainder as a hook.

2 orange ornament off tree

The top curl is how it attaches to the tree branch.

3 orange ornament on tree

With the blue one I used longer wire (about 10 inches). I like the longer wire better … more curl!

4 blue ornament