Last month I found adorable plastic ornaments at the craft store. They are shaped like Christmas light bulbs, and were less than a dollar each. I had the idea to paint the inside with paint that had a stained glass look, and that I had leftover from another project. I squeezed some of the paint into the ornament and swirled it around, covering most of the inside.

Well, that didn’t turn out well. The paint was too thick and didn’t give the stained glass look I wanted. So before it was completely dry, I swabbed the inside with a cotton q-tip, using a circular motion, around and around the inside. This left a nice design.

But it wasn’t enough. It still needed something. So I took glitter that I had and poured some in, then shook it to attach to the still wet paint.

Ta da! A beautiful homemade ornament, for less than a dollar.

painted plastic ornament

painted plastic ornament on tree