The first felt Christmas tree ornament I made was back when my oldest son was in preschool. He is now in college. The ornament was not as polished as these more recent ones are. Instead it was big and bulky and I apologize to whomever I gave it to as a gift. They must have thought I didn’t like them. Sorry about that.

Shortly after that first one I got in the groove of making these so that they come out nicely each time. Each tree ornament is slightly different from the next, and that’s one of the reasons I love them so. Lately I’ve enjoyed making them more narrow and pointy, rather than fat and rounded. Sometimes I put a star at the top (either a star button or a star made out of a yellow craft foam sheet). I like to add a couple jingle bells to each ornament so that when they are touched, they give off a lovely holiday sound.

As for the buttons, I’ve used regular buttons that I had around the house (you know, those extra buttons that come with shirts and other clothing items) and have also purchased colorful buttons for this project. In past years I’ve also purchased star and heart shaped buttons, and this year I got colorful mini buttons from the craft store, in both round and star shapes.

These felt tree ornaments are nice to hang on your Christmas tree, of course, and also make nice gift toppers. Wrap a gift then use rick rack to tie on the felt ornament. Very festive and adds a homemade touch to the gift.


Supplies and some tree ornaments from previous years:




STEP #1: Fold a 9×12 piece of green felt lengthwise.

fold felt in half

STEP #2: Use a permanent marker to draw a tree shape.

I used an ornament from a previous year as a guide.

I wanted it shorter than that tree, so only traced the top 2/3 of the ornament.

using a finished ornament to trace the tree shape

trace the tree shape

STEP #3: Cut it out.

cut out

STEP #4: Flip the remaining felt to make more trees.

Doing it this way produces very little wasted felt.

Continue this and you should get 4 trees out of the one piece of felt.

flip for another tree

cut out four trees

An easy way to make each tree symmetrical is to fold it in half and cut it using the left side as a guide.

fold to cut

four trees from one piece of felt

STEP #5: Cut a strip of brown felt, about 1-inch wide.

To make tree trunks, cut this strip into 2-inch sections, and fold each piece in half.

brown felt for tree trunk

about 2 inches of brown felt per tree

ready to decorate

STEP #6: Using colorful embroidery floss (split into 3 strands), sew on the buttons and jingle bells to one side of each piece of tree-shaped felt.

start sewing on ornaments

one side done

the back

STEP #7: Place the two pieces of green felt together, buttons on the outside, and sew them together using more of the embroidery floss (use any color you prefer).

I start and finish at the tree trunk.

Attach the rick rack to the top also using embroidery floss.

Add a star button, if desired.

on tree