My teenage daughter likes to get creative in the kitchen and will bake often, but she usually doesn’t do many crafts. Then one day recently she asked if she could use my supplies to make art for her bedroom. Of course!

She had purchased posters and decided to add homemade art by recreating a poster she had seen online. She took the words from the poster and used Sharpies and stickers to make her art on canvas. For the word “tree” she used one of my stencils and some craft paint and put it on newspaper.  It looks great!

The best part — though it wasn’t intentional — was her personal touch of painting “Make Mistakes” on top of some of the other words. The reason she did this is because when she completed the bottom line and looked at the canvas, she realized she had done one line twice. While she and I were talking about painting over that section, a friend of hers suggested writing “make mistakes” and that was the perfect solution!

life advice canvas

stencil tree on canvas