I recently signed up to participate in a snail mail project orchestrated by Sarah over at a nice little life.  So far I’ve sent out four envelopes to people across the country and across the ocean! I’ve been having a ton of fun being creative and crafting and am very thankful Sarah got this whole thing started!

At the beginning of the process I gathered my bits and pieces of paper, fabrics, washi tape, and my sewing machine. Then I purchased a few more rolls of washi tape, some larger sheets of scrapbook paper, colorful twine, and at a thrift store I spent less than a dollar on a few old books. I’m using the pages from those books to make small envelopes, as well as using them for other crafts (I’ll post pictures of those soon).

Here’s the first mailing I sent out.

snail mail to kathy (1) cover


Using my sewing machine I sewed “hi” on the cover page, finishing the edges with washi tape to make sure the stitches didn’t pull out.

(P.S. I was surprised to find that sewing onto paper looked so cool, and that it was also much harder than I thought it would be!)

Each page is connected by a long piece of twine which I decorated with washi flags.

snail mail to kathy (2) haiku


This recipient stated that she enjoys poetry, so I created a spring haiku for her.

snail mail to kathy (3) washi flowers


A few washi tape flowers!

snail mail to kathy (4) photo


I printed out wallet size photos I took of the trees on my street, which bloom so beautifully each spring.

snail mail to kathy (5) final page


The last page holds a simple message written in multiple sharpies.

snail mail to kathy (7) note on back


And the back cover ties up the twine that runs through the pages.

snail mail to kathy (9) mailing envelope


I made the mailing envelope out of a 12×12 sheet of heavy scrapbook paper, and sealed the edges and folds with bold duct tape.

I also sewed a border around the mailing label. Found that the label didn’t stick as well near the stitches, so I had to use a bit of glue to keep it in place. Not sure I’ll attempt sewing onto a sticky mailing label again!

snail mail to kathy (10) back of envelope