Here’s another snail mail package I put together and sent.

snail mail sent to GLENICE (1)


This recipient said that she likes to quilt, so I took fabric scraps, cut them into 1-inch squares, and sewed them onto a notecard in a quilt pattern. Top stitched it with a zigzag stitch. Also in the main envelope was another spring picture I took of the trees on my street, a square garland (sewn on the sewing machine with an inch of string between each piece), and two smaller envelopes I made with goodies inside. One envelope was made out of scrapbook paper and the other was a page from an old paperback book I purchased at a thrift store.


snail mail sent to GLENICE (2)


The envelope was again made out of a sturdy 12×12 scrapbook paper and held together with mini-duct tape (I love that stuff!). Also decorated with a bit of washi tape.


snail mail sent to GLENICE (3)