I’ve been having so much fun making homemade cards lately. Here is one I made today.

I started with a white card I purchased as a pack of 8 at the craft store. Using an old thesaurus I purchased for 25 cents at a thrift store, and a roll of washi tape from my huge washi tape collection (oh how I love washi tape!), I cut out petal shapes. The washi tape helped to hold down the larger paper petals in the back, and then the center (a different washi tape) held down the smaller petals in front. Then I used my sewing machine to sew them on, to give it more depth and interest. I love that it’s not perfect (notice the center — the thread didn’t stay in some of the stitches for some reason)…. Flowers aren’t perfect!

twisterfish crafts card

On the inside of the card I covered up the stitching by making another flower, but this time without the paper. And I reversed the washi tape that was used for the front flower. I like that the stitches give it texture.

twisterfish crafts card inside

Couldn’t finish this off without adding another flower to the envelope. This one was also made using washi tape — one with the same color but a different pattern.

twisterfish crafts card and envelope