twisterfish crafts painted horse (2)

twisterfish crafts painted giraffes

So this was really, really fun to do. I’ve been wanting to do it for about a year and now that I finally have tried it, there will be many painted animals in my future.

I took regular plastic animal figures and painted them. I started by dunking the whole animal in a gallon of paint I had leftover from painting a bedroom. I think this helped to get paint in all the cracks and nooks and start with a nice uniform color. Once that dried completely, I spray painted the animal. I did many coats of the spray paint and it took a few days since it had to dry between coats, and I kept having to adjust the animal so that it was painted everywhere. (Did I have to paint the animal before spray painting it? Maybe not, but I did, and it turned out great, so I’m not complaining.) When the spray painting dried completely, I took my craft paint and painted the legs. For the large giraffe they were all the same color, but for the horse I did each leg a different color. I put glitter on it when the paint was still wet. The small giraffe was done all in purple and glitter over the whole thing. For the giraffes, I coated them with about two coats of Mod Podge once the paint was dry. For the horse, I made the process easier by purchasing Rust-Oleum automotive enamel clear gloss spray paint.

I love this project. 🙂

twisterfish crafts painted giraffes twisterfish crafts painted horse (1) twisterfish crafts painted horse (2)


That horse looks very happy, don’t you think?




twisterfish crafts painted horse (3)