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After years of Lego advent calendars, it was time to do something different.

I decided to make an advent calendar so I did a little online searching for ideas — I liked the ones that had an activity to do each day.

Using blank business cards I had leftover from another craft, I printed an idea for each day. I used a large font and printed them in red.

At a big box store I found packs of colorful paper goodie bags in the clearance section. Some of the packs were only 90 cents each while a few were almost $2. I purchased a few different colors and patterns. All totaled less than $10, and there are enough left over to do another set for next year.

With my star and snowflake paper punches I took scraps of paper in white, green, and gold, and punched out a bunch of these shapes.

Using scrapbook paper with numbers on them, along with a few number stickers, I was able to find enough numbers from 1 to 24.

Assembly was easy: I put a card in a paper bag and sewed it closed using my sewing machine, sewing the number and some of the snowflakes and stars along with it.

I was careful to put easier activities (such as “make a card for your grandparents”) on days I knew we’d be busy with school and piano practice and other obligations, and more complex activities (such as “make a bird feeder for the winter birds”) for the weekend days when we’d have more time.

Tied the stack of these bags up with a ribbon, and now they’re ready for December 1st!


But …

My almost 9 year old told me that advent calendars must have chocolate. I don’t know where he got this idea since the advent calendars he’s had in recent years (Lego) didn’t have chocolate, but he was insistent.

So I made a second advent calendar using a 24 mini muffin baking tin. We put 2 chocolate kisses in each of the 24 spots. Then we numbering circles I punched from card stock and used glue dots to adhere them to larger circle tags. I put ribbons on those tags, and two small pieces of sticky-back magnets on the back of each one, to keep the chocolates in and the numbers in place.

Ta-da! Advent calendar #2. With chocolate.

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