twisterfishcrafts animal magnets


I’ve had this project pinned to a board on pinterest for a long time. When I was making other animal projects (you can see one of them here) I also made some of these.

Here’s the link to where the idea came from on the site Lovely Indeed. (Click on that link to see her instructions.)


I found inexpensive plastic animals that had a visible seam. They divided in half easily by working a straight edge around the seam.

Then I painted each half of each animal a different color. Spray paint worked best, but I did use craft paint on a few of these.

My animals were hollow, so I didn’t need to drill a hole for the magnets. At my large home store I found super magnets in a few different sizes. I stacked a few of these super magnets together then used super glue to attach to a flat magnet. Then super glued the back of that flat magnet to the plastic animal.

Ta da! Tell me, who wouldn’t want a blue dinosaur’s butt as a magnet?