twisterfishcrafts painted vase

Recently I saw a pin on pinterest that got me excited due to it’s simplicity and because the results looked spectacular. You can see the site here.

So I tried it. I bought the paint she mentioned, and took one of my dollar store vases and got to work. The vase I had is tinted blue so I thought silver paint would look nice with it.

Notice her vase is a nice straight cylinder. Mine is not. Do you know how hard it is to tape around a vase that is curvy,while trying to keep the lines straight and not have any gaps? It’s not easy! But, the results are still beautiful!  Next time — because there will be a next time — I’ll use a straight vase.

The process:

#1: Prep (I decided on three stripes.)


twisterfishcrafts painted vase prep


#2: Paint (I did three coats. It didn’t take long for each coat to dry.)


twisterfishcrafts painted vase paint


#3: Remove tape and allow to dry completely.


twisterfishcrafts painted vase finished



#4: Display with other pretty things.


twisterfishcrafts painted vase display