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gold hearts on glass bottle

twiserfishcrafts gold hearts bottle (8)

A few things I love:

  • IKEA
  • gold
  • decorative tape (such as washi tape)
  • spray paint
  • bottles
  • unique stuff

So there you have it. That list was my inspiration for this project. And it turned out GORGEOUS, if I do say so myself. Which I just did!

twiserfishcrafts gold hearts bottle (1)

twiserfishcrafts gold hearts bottle (2)

twiserfishcrafts gold hearts bottle (3)

twiserfishcrafts gold hearts bottle (4)

twiserfishcrafts gold hearts bottle (5)

twiserfishcrafts gold hearts bottle (6)

twiserfishcrafts gold hearts bottle (7)

painted vase


twisterfishcrafts painted vase

Recently I saw a pin on pinterest that got me excited due to it’s simplicity and because the results looked spectacular. You can see the site here.

So I tried it. I bought the paint she mentioned, and took one of my dollar store vases and got to work. The vase I had is tinted blue so I thought silver paint would look nice with it.

Notice her vase is a nice straight cylinder. Mine is not. Do you know how hard it is to tape around a vase that is curvy,while trying to keep the lines straight and not have any gaps? It’s not easy! But, the results are still beautiful!  Next time — because there will be a next time — I’ll use a straight vase.

The process:

#1: Prep (I decided on three stripes.)


twisterfishcrafts painted vase prep


#2: Paint (I did three coats. It didn’t take long for each coat to dry.)


twisterfishcrafts painted vase paint


#3: Remove tape and allow to dry completely.


twisterfishcrafts painted vase finished



#4: Display with other pretty things.


twisterfishcrafts painted vase display


wire star with beads

Last December I wanted to make a star for the top of our Christmas tree. I had some wire and beads, from previous projects, so I sat down with them all, turned on the TV, and went to it.

The sturdy pieces of wire I had weren’t long enough to make the full star, so I attached them to each other with twists and turns. Then I used thin gold wire to string along some glass and silver beads and attached the gold wire to the silver star. I didn’t have a plan as to how many beads to use or what I wanted the finished star to look like. I just kept going until I was satisfied.

When it was ready, I attached it to the top of the tree (I made sure to have extra wire at the bottom for this purpose). It was okay. I think it needed to be bigger. Or maybe if I had been able to put lights behind it the colors of the beads would have stood out more. This year I’ll make another one, bigger, and with more beads.

Even though it wasn’t perfect for the tree, I love it! It’s been on my mantel since last December. It looks great with my vase and other items I have displayed there.


First step: Made a star shape out of bits of silver wire.

Second step: String glass and silver beads onto gold wire and attach that to the star.

Star on the tree last December.

Displayed on the mantel.

This project was so much fun!

As I mentioned in my “about me” page, I enjoy the clearance sections at my local craft stores. I’ll purchase items that are cheaply priced, store them away for a while, then get them out when I’m feeling creative. Sometimes I intend to use these items in a certain project, but then another idea hits me and I use them for something completely different. This is kind of what happened with this vase.

I saw the little metal rings in the clearance section being sold for under $1 (they were some sort of jewelry findings) and thought they’d look great if connected to a thin wire and wrapped around a votive holder. I attempted to do just this (see photo below) but found it impossible to attach the wire to the votive holder without it falling down. I needed some sort of support as well as a different shaped container. Back to the craft store with my 40% off coupon, where I purchased a small glass vase for under $1, and some thicker wire (18 gauge, I think).

Ten sore fingers and an hour later and I had a very cool, very unique metal and glass vase!


Here’s the first attempt at wrapping the wire around the votive holder … failure.


And here’s the final project where I used two kinds of wire (different gauges) and a different shaped glass vase … success!