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princess hat (hennin)

twisterfishcrafts princess hat 6

Okay, as of five minutes ago I had no idea the correct name for these conical princess hats. Now I do, thanks to the internet! Hennin. I learned something new today!


My daughter turned twenty last month. She’s a wonderful, kind, silly, lovely, funny, odd (in a good way) person. What did she want for her birthday? Anything odd or weird or strange. Anything you’d see in the store and think, “who the heck would want that?”

So that’s exactly what she got: a box full of odd and funny and strange gifts. One of them was a ‘make and decorate your own cardboard pony’ which she had seen at a store and got excited about, as silly 20 year old girls do. When I saw a felt princess hat at the dollar store, I knew it’d go great with her pony (which I instructed her to turn into a unicorn, because unicorns are cool!). The hat was pretty, purple with a bit of ribbon hanging down from the point. But…

I decided it needed more. While spending the evening on the sofa watching people select their new house (one of my favorite past-times), I added some decoration using more ribbon at the point, and embroidery thread in different stitches around the hat. The results were perfect (if you don’t look too closely to see that some of the rows of stitches are not perfectly straight).

She wore this beautiful one-of-a-kind princess hat while opening her other presents the morning of her birthday and sent me picture of her in the princess hat while ‘riding’ her cardboard pony later that day.

twisterfishcrafts princess hat 1

twisterfishcrafts princess hat 2

twisterfishcrafts princess hat 3

twisterfishcrafts princess hat 4

twisterfishcrafts princess hat 5

twisterfishcrafts princess hat 7

twisterfishcrafts princess hat 8

cross stitch — stay gold

twisterfishcrafts stay gold

The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton was my favorite book when I was a child. One of my sisters also loved the book and she and I fought over the one copy of the book we were meant to share. All these years (decades) later, we still sign cards to each other with “stay gold” — it’s our signature phrase.  So when I went across the country to visit this sister back in May, it made sense to give her a gift that means a lot to her and will help her always think of me.


twisterfishcrafts stay gold (2)


My daughter liked the finished piece so much, and the colors worked so well in her room (see photo above), and she has come to love The Outsiders almost as much as I do, that I allowed her to keep the first one I made.  A week before my trip I quickly stitched a second one for my sister and put that in a white and gold frame (see photo below).

twisterfishcrafts stay gold (1)




twisterfishcrafts save water drink wine (2)


Another friend had a birthday and I wanted to make her a special gift. She enjoys wine so I made this for her to put on her wine bar.


Here’s a close up of the stitches (this photo shows the colors better than the photo of the framed piece):

twisterfishcrafts save water drink wine (1)

twisterfishcrafts be nice or get out

I’ve done a few more framed cross stitch pieces lately. Here’s one I made for my mom while visiting her this summer. She had complained about someone who came to her house and “didn’t have anything nice to say” and this came to me as the perfect thing to have in her kitchen. Just in case that person comes to visit again.


Here’s a pic of the piece in progress:

twisterfishcrafts be nice or get out (1)


cross stitch — bitch, please

twisterfish crafts bitch cross stitch

A good friend turned 40 and I wanted to make her a gift. Something personal and fun and very “her”. This is what I made.


The process:

#1: I used a dark gray color. Wanted it to have a modern, sophisticated look to it. (If you look very, very, very closely you may notice an extra stitch. Good news: That kind of mistake is hard to see unless you know it’s there!)

twisterfish crafts bitch cross stitch (1)

#2: After finishing the comma, I realized I had not planned ahead and wouldn’t have room to put both words on the same line.

twisterfish crafts bitch cross stitch (2)

#3: It needed a border, so I stitched a simple one.

twisterfish crafts bitch cross stitch (3)

#4: Decided it needed more than just that simple border, and a flower was too big, so I picked a fancy heart.

twisterfish crafts bitch cross stitch (4)

#5: I felt it needed still more. So another border and an additional heart. The placement of the small heart also helped to cover a missed stitch.

twisterfish crafts bitch cross stitch (5)

During this part of the process I had to put masking tape on two sides to prevent it from unraveling.

#6: Ironed the reverse side. Used the warm setting with no steam.

twisterfish crafts bitch cross stitch (9)

#7: Used the back of a spiral notebook and some small duct tape to attach the piece to the cardboard before putting it into the frame.

twisterfish crafts bitch cross stitch (6)

twisterfish crafts bitch cross stitch (7)

#8: Framed and ready for the birthday girl.

twisterfish crafts bitch cross stitch (8)