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gift card wreath

twisterfishcrafts gift card wreath (2)

My memory is horrible…. I thought I had already posted this back in June, when I made it for my youngest son’s teacher as an end of year gift. The students in the class donated money for gift cards to the teacher’s favorite shops and restaurants. I purchased the gift cards in small amounts so that we could have many cards instead of a few larger ones.

On a large piece of foam board I cut out a circle and an inner circle. The largest was 12 inches in diameter. I used different sized bowls to trace the circles. My goal was to have the width of the ring the same size as the length of a clothes pin. I then traced this circle onto two sheets of 12×12 card stock (different patterns) and glued those onto the foam board. I put the paper on the front and the back, just to give it a nice look no matter where it was hanging. I then glued thin ribbon to the outer and inner edges, using hot glue.

On the clothes pins I used washi tape. My obsession with washi tape is bordering on insane, so I had plenty of patterns to choose from.

I then used hot glue to attach the clothes pins to the ring.

A ribbon finished off the wreath.

Added the gift cards, and voila! The gift was ready to go!

twisterfishcrafts gift card wreath (1)

twisterfishcrafts gift card wreath (3)

twisterfishcrafts gift card wreath (5)

twisterfishcrafts gift card wreath (2)

twisterfishcrafts gift card wreath (4)

washi tape notebook


twisterfishcrafts washi tape notebook (2)


I picked up a few hardcover notebooks from the dollar section of a favorite store years ago. I had the intention to cover them with wallpaper. But then I couldn’t find the extra roll of wallpaper that I had bought years prior to that. So these notebooks have been in my craft bin, waiting for the right time to be transformed. Today was the day! Washi tape to the rescue!


To hide the ends of the washi tape strips, I covered them with a wide tape on the inside front and back covers.

twisterfishcrafts washi tape notebook (3)


A notebook, before and after: 


twisterfishcrafts washi tape notebook (1)





gold hearts on glass bottle

twiserfishcrafts gold hearts bottle (8)

A few things I love:

  • IKEA
  • gold
  • decorative tape (such as washi tape)
  • spray paint
  • bottles
  • unique stuff

So there you have it. That list was my inspiration for this project. And it turned out GORGEOUS, if I do say so myself. Which I just did!

twiserfishcrafts gold hearts bottle (1)

twiserfishcrafts gold hearts bottle (2)

twiserfishcrafts gold hearts bottle (3)

twiserfishcrafts gold hearts bottle (4)

twiserfishcrafts gold hearts bottle (5)

twiserfishcrafts gold hearts bottle (6)

twiserfishcrafts gold hearts bottle (7)

Here’s another card that uses Washi tape to make flowers. I made small flowers, and used a piece of card stock paper for the center of each flower.

twisterfish crafts washi flowers (2)

I’ve been having so much fun making homemade cards lately. Here is one I made today.

I started with a white card I purchased as a pack of 8 at the craft store. Using an old thesaurus I purchased for 25 cents at a thrift store, and a roll of washi tape from my huge washi tape collection (oh how I love washi tape!), I cut out petal shapes. The washi tape helped to hold down the larger paper petals in the back, and then the center (a different washi tape) held down the smaller petals in front. Then I used my sewing machine to sew them on, to give it more depth and interest. I love that it’s not perfect (notice the center — the thread didn’t stay in some of the stitches for some reason)…. Flowers aren’t perfect!

twisterfish crafts card

On the inside of the card I covered up the stitching by making another flower, but this time without the paper. And I reversed the washi tape that was used for the front flower. I like that the stitches give it texture.

twisterfish crafts card inside

Couldn’t finish this off without adding another flower to the envelope. This one was also made using washi tape — one with the same color but a different pattern.

twisterfish crafts card and envelope

another snail mail package

Here’s another snail mail package I put together and sent.

snail mail sent to GLENICE (1)


This recipient said that she likes to quilt, so I took fabric scraps, cut them into 1-inch squares, and sewed them onto a notecard in a quilt pattern. Top stitched it with a zigzag stitch. Also in the main envelope was another spring picture I took of the trees on my street, a square garland (sewn on the sewing machine with an inch of string between each piece), and two smaller envelopes I made with goodies inside. One envelope was made out of scrapbook paper and the other was a page from an old paperback book I purchased at a thrift store.


snail mail sent to GLENICE (2)


The envelope was again made out of a sturdy 12×12 scrapbook paper and held together with mini-duct tape (I love that stuff!). Also decorated with a bit of washi tape.


snail mail sent to GLENICE (3)

snail mail project

I recently signed up to participate in a snail mail project orchestrated by Sarah over at a nice little life.  So far I’ve sent out four envelopes to people across the country and across the ocean! I’ve been having a ton of fun being creative and crafting and am very thankful Sarah got this whole thing started!

At the beginning of the process I gathered my bits and pieces of paper, fabrics, washi tape, and my sewing machine. Then I purchased a few more rolls of washi tape, some larger sheets of scrapbook paper, colorful twine, and at a thrift store I spent less than a dollar on a few old books. I’m using the pages from those books to make small envelopes, as well as using them for other crafts (I’ll post pictures of those soon).

Here’s the first mailing I sent out.

snail mail to kathy (1) cover


Using my sewing machine I sewed “hi” on the cover page, finishing the edges with washi tape to make sure the stitches didn’t pull out.

(P.S. I was surprised to find that sewing onto paper looked so cool, and that it was also much harder than I thought it would be!)

Each page is connected by a long piece of twine which I decorated with washi flags.

snail mail to kathy (2) haiku


This recipient stated that she enjoys poetry, so I created a spring haiku for her.

snail mail to kathy (3) washi flowers


A few washi tape flowers!

snail mail to kathy (4) photo


I printed out wallet size photos I took of the trees on my street, which bloom so beautifully each spring.

snail mail to kathy (5) final page


The last page holds a simple message written in multiple sharpies.

snail mail to kathy (7) note on back


And the back cover ties up the twine that runs through the pages.

snail mail to kathy (9) mailing envelope


I made the mailing envelope out of a 12×12 sheet of heavy scrapbook paper, and sealed the edges and folds with bold duct tape.

I also sewed a border around the mailing label. Found that the label didn’t stick as well near the stitches, so I had to use a bit of glue to keep it in place. Not sure I’ll attempt sewing onto a sticky mailing label again!

snail mail to kathy (10) back of envelope

5 minutes is all it took to transform my ugly early 90s cream colored plastic door chime box.

Oh, and scissors and one roll of Scotch Expressions Washi tape.


twisterfish crafts BEFORESUPPLIES

twisterfish crafts SUPPLIES


twisterfish crafts door chime box AFTER